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NEW: using your cellphoneThere is nothing more frustrating than driving around a city looking for a parking space. finding a new destination in a city you arenít familiar is difficult enough, but to try to find parking nearby it, becomes a nightmare. What if there was an app that gave you the exact location of a parking lot, not just anyplace, but somewhere you could park that would be inexpensive or free parking? There is such a an app

You no longer have to drive around for an hour, or settle by parking at a space that costs a fortune. is a database that contains the coordinates of many locations for you to find car parking worldwide, with some of the least expensive rates you and imagine. Whether it is a last minute find, or you take the time to plan ahead, it will supply you with the directions to get to the most convenient, and cheap parking facility to where you are. All the information you will need can be accessed by your smartphone or mobile device, including a map, to get you exactly where you need to be. This is quite possibly the most useful parking app you can access using your smartphone.

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