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North America

If you are traveling to any city in North America (either the US, Canada or Mexico) be ready for congestion. Located within most city centers is congestion and confusion. You are likely to hear honking, people bustling around trying to get places fast, it can be highly frustrating to navigate. Most people in North America have their own transportation, and although there is public transportation available, many still opt to drive themselves, limiting parking within many cities. What is even more difficult in most major cities is trying to figure out where the parking is. Most cities have free parking, or parking spaces on the street, some are clearly marked, while others are not. To avoid a parking ticket or worse yet towing, it is best to park in a parking lot.

Parking in allocated lots in most cities is anything but cheap parking, and almost none of them have free parking. It is best before setting out on any destination to know where parking is near where you need to be. By inputing the coordinates into, you will be supplied with a large number of different locations to park.

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